Brown Free Range Eggsweek after week, customers return because... "they simply taste better"

GJ Farm


Our free range chickens...

   • eat ripe and over ripe produce from our farm
   • forage outdoors in a large open area throughout the day
   • are large brown hens who lay brown eggs with the golden yokes bakers love
   • grow more slowly (up to four to six months)
   • lay a couple of large eggs each day
   • make our customers happy !

elsewhere free range chickens...

   • are given mixed solid pellets, worth a few cents per cup, for a main food source
     (it takes about 4 pounds of this feed to produce a dozen eggs)
   • eat at central feeders in long narrow tracks.
   • include a mix of white, brown
   • grow more quickly (as little as 45 days for a regular chicken)
   • are bread to lay as many as seven eggs in a day
Contact us...
 +1 604 272 4033
 11300 4 Road
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9 am - 6 pm, Daily

1 604 272 4033
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